The Bottom Dollar

“So how much is this going to cost me?”

Home additions and home remodeling projects are unique situations, so the best way to determine “How much?” is to first establish an affordable budget for yourself and then find out what you get for your money.

How much you decide to spend on fixtures and finishes can make or break your budget. Individual style and taste varies as much as your budget. Again, general costs and ball park prices for home improvement projects are fairly public information and widely available online.


Some major cost factors in any project:


  • Is the job site easily reached with equipment?


  • Does the electrical panel box have roomto add circuts?
  • Will the existing heating system handle the proposed expansion?
  • Can the existing plumbing be easily adapted?

Typical Project Costs:

Home Addition:

  • $150.00–$300.00 per square foot
  • Please note – Price per square foot dependent on total square footage.

Kitchen Remodel:

  • $130.00–$320 per square foot
  • Average costs: $26,000 (smaller mid-grade), $80,000+ (larger–custom)

Complete Bathroom Remodel:

  • $200 – $420 per square foot
  • Average costs: $14,500 (first floor), $20,500 (second floor), $30,000+ (larger master bath)

Basement Finishing:

  • $25 – $85 per square foot from basic walls and trim to adding bathroom and/or bar.

Screened in Porch Addition:

  • $120 – $180 per square foot
  • Structure built on peers with simple roof framing and basic exterior finishing.


  • $25.00 per square foot (Pressure treated decking)
  • $65.00 per square foot (Composite decking)
  • Basic deck structure 3 foot above grade or less, attached to house and supported with peers.

Vinyl Replacement Windows:

  • $850 – Average size –4’x 4’ Removal of old shashes; new unit installed; insulated exterior trim wrapped in aluminumcoil stock; culking applied inside and out; disposal of all debris.

Typical Entry Door Replacement:

  • $1,100 (36’w X 82”h)
  • $2,500 EntryDoor with Sidelite