About Us

We are a full service construction company committed to quality since 1989. Michael A. Cerrone Construction has no interest in being the biggest company in the area – only the best!  We are committed to providing quality workmanship and service.  After all, if you aren’t satisfied then we haven’t done our job!

At Michael A. Cerrone Construction, we believe that the best way to gain customer satisfaction is to give attention and attend to every detail along the way.  We know that our client’s satisfaction is based mainly on the performance of their contractor and the quality of the work performed.  For this reason, we are happy to provide the names of our many satisfied customers upon your request.

Almost all remodeling projects will have some surprises and hurdles. Because of our systematic approach to your project, along with proper planning, we are able to keep the “surprises” to a minimum.  With our knowledge and years of experience, our team will quickly and efficiently resolve any issue that may arise along the way.  Our established presence in the construction and remodeling industry, allow us to always keep your project on schedule without sacrificing quality.